Welcome to"Georganics"

Georganics, is exclusive brand entity of Foreminds health innovators LLP, Pune. FM is the group forward thinking minds working for most important and needed innovations which can directly impacting on healthy way of life.FM is intended to strive hard and extreme for promotion healthy ecology, healthy nation. We at FM through our innovations committed to touch all points of life where life touches you.

Through Georganics, we focus on promoting the way of organic i.e. chemical free lifestyle on this planet which in turn ensures healthy environment, less diseases, less suffering, less on spend, sustainable socio-economic pattern and better future for coming generation.

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    Naturally Sweet

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    Keeps family healthy

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    Always Fresh

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Rushikesh Gastgar/
I have been using these products for some months now and the results have been good in terms of taste and health wise. I strongly recommend."
Smita Dama/
Kudos this moment. I am practicing Ayurvedic doctor & I always recommend to go for Organic Food, which helps for early recovery & cleanses body toxins swiftly"
Dinesh Giram/
I recommend them for authenticity & reliability, very good quality of products  & best service. Packaging is eco-friendly & attractive "
Piyu’s Kitchen/
I purchased Tur Dal & sulphurless sugar. I witnessed a huge difference than the normal dal. The dal delivered by Georganics is very better in taste than the normal dal,…
Abhishek Sonavale/
Chemical free dal, wheat, sugar, jaggery, and many more products are available at a good range of prices. I recommend everyone for chemical free life"

Why choose us

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Quality & Safety

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Health & Well-being

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Nutrition food organic

All thats good, nothing thats not.

Powerful proteins. Vitamin-rich super foods. Balanced ingredients. For the past 40 years, weve traveled the world in search of the most nutritious ingredients on earth. The result: holistic pet nutrition thats carefully formulated to unleash your pets amazing nature.

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