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Georganics, is exclusive brand entity of Foreminds health innovators LLP, Pune. FM is the group forward thinking minds working for most important and needed innovations which can directly impacting on healthy way of life.FM is intended to strive hard and extreme for promotion healthy ecology, healthy nation. We at FM through our innovations committed to touch all points of life where life touches you.

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    Sign of trust

    Organic food follows strict standards of production, processing and preparation. Farms can be inspected anytime by authorities for confirmation to Organic Food standards. So you can be that your food is 100% Organic.

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    Naturally grown farm products.

    Our products are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation.

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    Keeps family healthy

    Organically grown foods are healthier, have more antioxidants, prevent antibiotic resistance, improve the immunity system, and also taste better.

  • Always fresh

    Always Fresh

    Organic food doesn’t use preservatives or don’t use chemicals to make them look fresh, so they always need to be sold only when fresh.


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working on concept of farmer to plate.

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various tests done at different levels.

Providing the platform for farmers to sell their produce.

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Jaggery (Gul)

  • Prepared from 100% organic sugarcane
  • No use of chemical while processing
  • More antioxidants
  • More tastier

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What people say

Choice of Organic Foods

Very good quality and delivery service is very prompt"
Satyavoluvenkat Subba Rao
I have been using these products for some months now and the results have been good in terms of taste and health wise. I strongly recommend."
Rushikesh Gastgar
Chemical free dal, wheat, sugar, jaggery, and many more products are available at a good range of prices. I recommend everyone for chemical free life"
Abhishek Sonavale
I purchased Tur Dal & sulphurless sugar. I witnessed a huge difference than the normal dal. The dal delivered by Georganics is very better in taste than the normal dal, so I recommend everyone should try it "
Piyu’s Kitchen
I recommend them for authenticity & reliability, very good quality of products  & best service. Packaging is eco-friendly & attractive "
Dinesh Giram
Kudos this moment. I am practicing Ayurvedic doctor & I always recommend to go for Organic Food, which helps for early recovery & cleanses body toxins swiftly"
Smita Dama

Why choose us

working on the concept of Farm to Plate.

Quality & Safety

Every product sold by us is checked that there is no chemical residue.


Committed towards providing the 100% organic food. 

Health & Well-being

Working towards the betterment of Human and Environment

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